Hats Unlimited Review - Unleash Your Style (2024)

Explore a Huge Collection of Hats

Hats Unlimited was founded in Ventura, California, in 1994. Value and service have always been top considerations for this company, which was founded to sell just hats in as many variations, styles, and colors as possible.

Their mission is to provide their clients with the best service possible, they continuously increase their expertise in hats and headgear. Over 10,000 hats are kept in stock at all of their retail locations, and their website is rapidly expanding with more than 1000 current styles and weekly additions.

You’ve come to the proper location if you’re looking for the perfect hat and want to be sure of a decent fit, color, and great price. Hats Unlimited has you covered if you’re looking for fedoras, western cowboy hats, humorous hats, hats for kids and infants, sports hats, fedoras, and fashionable hats for ladies.

At Hats Unlimited can provide you with hat-related advice, ship a present across the nation, the world, and instruct you on how to take care of your hat.

Hats Unlimited Allows You to Choose From Some of Your Favorite Brands

Hats Unlimited is a go-to place because of its great collection of hats from some unique and high-quality brands. Some of these brands are Jeanne Simmons, Saint Martin, Kooringal, Stampede Hats, Conner Hats, Kenny K, Scala, and lots of other brands that are available in their collection. All of these hats come in different sizes, colors, and prices of course.

Hats Unlimited’s Collection for Men

At HatsUnlimited.com, a sizable section of their inventory consists of hats and caps for men.

Men’s hats come in a huge range of designs and varieties, and they strive to offer a broad and useful assortment of goods to meet your needs. You can get fedoras, outdoor hats, sun hats, and a lot more items here!

If you maybe want to learn something more about their hats, or about a specific category, you can check that out here on the hat styles & materials guide! There are all kinds of hats available in the men’s collection, such as leather hats, ivy caps, baseball caps, straw hats, and lots of others.

Hat Unlimited’s Collection for Women and Kids

For a woman, fashion may be just as crucial as utility, and at Hats Unlimited, they work to balance the two by providing a huge selection of hat styles, sizes, and colors.

They have everything you need in one spot, including baseball caps, fedoras, sun hats, and hats with floppy brims.

Nothing is more crucial than looking after and protecting your child, as parents are well aware. This is especially true when it comes to providing your loved one with sun protection. Your little one will look fashionable and be protected from the sun thanks to their wonderful range of hats for kids and newborns.

For your children’s utmost safety and comfort, several of the hats have high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ratings and soft fabrics. They offer a full range of knit caps in addition to the UPF styles for kids, as well as some more stylish options like fedoras and ivy caps.

What Is the Shipping Costs and Delivery Timeframes on Hats Unlimited?

Hats Unlimited offers domestic and international shipping.

For domestic shipping, HatsUnlimited.com currently ships exclusively through USPS. They offer two different shipping options, USPS Ground 5-7 day shipping and USPS Priority 2-4 day shipping.

If you need to have a package out overnight please contact customer service at 888-997-4287 and they may be able to accommodate your needs. Turn-around time can take anywhere from 24-48 hours before the item is shipped, although items are often shipped out sooner; Items ordered before 9 A.M. (PST) typically leave their warehouse that day. It is also important to mention that they offer free delivery for orders over $99 within the U.S.

USPS Ground 5-7 Day: $7.99

USPS Priority 2-4 Day: $9.99

For international shipments, their International packages ship USPS mail and are bound to the price points below.

Please understand that this does not include your country’s customs costs and you should calculate these before completing your order.

Should you decide not to pay customs costs and instead request a refund, you must wait for customs to send the package back to them before they can complete the refund.

Any international refunds will not include any shipping costs.

Global Post International or USPS First Class International: $29.99 (Can Take 1-3 Weeks to Arrive)

USPS Priority Mail or FedEx International: $54.99 (Typically between 7-10 Days)

What Is Hats Unlimited’s Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, please feel free to return/exchange your item within 30 days of delivery.

Your item must be unworn, unwashed, and with the original tags attached to be eligible for a return/exchange. If you send your item back to them without meeting these criteria, you will not receive a refund and will have to pay to ship again if you want the item back.

Please note that if you have received free shipping through any coupon codes or other means, this amount will be deducted from your refund only in the case of a return.

If you are requesting an exchange, as stated above you will be responsible for shipping the original item back to them. However, they will ship your new item free of charge (within the contiguous USA).

Any additional exchanges after the first will be at the customer’s expense.

International customers are responsible for all shipping charges.

This process typically takes no longer than 3 weeks from the date of your return shipment but often it will be much quicker.

What Are the Payment Methods Available on Hats Unlimited?

Hats Unlimited offers American Express, Discover, Master Card, PayPal, Visa, Amazon, and Klarna as payment methods.

How does Klarna work?

Klarna offers a pay-in-four payment plan, which lets shoppers split their purchase into four equal installments to be paid every two weeks, with the first due at checkout.

For example, if your purchase costs $200, you would pay $50 at checkout.

Final Words on Hats Unlimited

Hats Unlimited is a perfect choice if you’re trying to find a retailer that offers high-quality hats.

You’re able to find products for men, women, and kids, and all of these hat products come in different variations.

Hats Unlimited offers domestic and international shipping, with several payment methods.

Make sure you check out this amazing retailer because you will be satisfied with their unique hats!

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Hats Unlimited Review - Unleash Your Style (2024)
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