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The black suit is considered to be one of the safest outfit options for men.

But with so many different combinations of shirts and accessories that you can pair with the black suit, it can get very confusing.

One of the popular pairing options is a black suit paired with a red tie which confuses a lot of people.

Let me clear your doubts and help you style this look properly.

Can you wear a red tie with a black suit?

Yes, you can definitely wear a black suit with a red tie. It will add personality to your simple outfit and, if done right, will make you look a lot more stylish.

Black suits are meant to be elegant and sophisticated, and if you are going for a formal event, then it is best to stick with classic color options for your tie, like black, grey, or navy blue.

But if it's not a black tie event and you want to add a bit of punch to your outfit, then a red tie can be a perfect option for you.

But there are a few things you need to know to do it correctly.

Pick the right color:

Ties come in several different shades of red, and honestly, most of them are terrible. There are only a few shades of red that could work with a suit that too a black one.

Suits are classy, and you should avoid pairing them with anything flashy.

As a rule of thumb, bright and saturated colors should be avoided, especially when it comes to formal clothing. So refrain from using a bright red tie with black and instead go for a more subtle shade.

You should look for darker shades of red similar to maroon.

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choose the fabric carefully:

Once you have picked the right color, the next thing you should look for is the fabric of the tie.

It is actually pretty simple; just avoid anything shiny.

Shiny fabrics look cheap and flashy and should definitely not be paired with a suit.

The material quality of the tie doesn't matter much but just look for something that is cotton or at least looks like cotton.


And finally, you should avoid large colorful patterns on your red tie, which again makes it flashy and would not go well with a black suit.

That doesn't mean you can't have any pattern or design on your tie, but you have to be a little careful while choosing one.

A white polka dot pattern would not work well with a suit, but some subtle pattern could help add a little personality and kick to your outfit.

What shirt to wear with a black suit and red tie?

so now you have the right tie to wear with your black suit but which shirt should you wear with it?

The best options would be a simple white or off-white shirt as it kinda neutralizes the red tie and makes for a more well-rounded outfit.

Shirts that are too colorful or have a lot of patterns will not work well with a red tie and black suit.

You could also consider a black shirt, but it is a bit difficult to style a black shirt with a black suit. If you want to play it safe, then you should go for a white or some other light-colored shirt.

What other accessories to wear with black suit and red tie?

Other accessories that you can add to your outfit would be a watch, belt maybe a pocket square.

You already have one piece that makes your outfit stand out, and you should keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple and subtle.

Don't match your pocket square with your tie; instead, wear a simple white pocket square.

Your watch should be a basic formal watch, nothing too fancy if you want, you can match the strap with your belt and shoes.

Best ties to wear with a black suit?

Here are some of my picks that you can consider buying:

Calvin Klein tie:

A simple burgundy ties with some texture, and it looks great. You can easily pair it with a simple white shirt and make a great outfit.

Striped red tie:

If you want something with a pattern, then you can consider this striped red tie.

TheBottom line:

So as we saw above, a black suit and red tie can be paired to create a great outfit if you keep a few basic things in mind.

A red tie is the "standout" piece in your outfit, and generally, you shouldn't have more than one such piece in your outfit.

Which is why you need to pair it with some simple pieces to neutralize the whole look

Wearing Black Suit With Red Tie | Avoid Making These Mistakes - DapperClan (2024)


Can you wear a red tie with a black suit? ›

Rich and earthy colours such as reds, cream and greys work best with a black suit as they complement well and rarely clash. With a black suit red tie the most popular and classic option for most gentlemen.

Is a black suit and tie too formal? ›

Black suits are the quintessential choice for formal evening events, where elegance is paramount. Think galas, charity balls, opera nights, and other upscale occasions. The rich black fabric exudes a sense of grandeur, creating an air of refinement that aligns perfectly with the opulence of the setting.

What color shirt goes best with black suit? ›

Wearing a black suit offers endless styling options for various occasions. A crisp white shirt remains a classic and safe choice, suitable for formal events and business settings. A light gray shirt can be an elegant alternative for a more subdued look.

What is the significance of a black suit? ›

This formal tone is certainly one to impress onlookers and assert dominance. However, the power that a black suit possesses makes it more fitting for formal events. Black is the perfect suit colour to express style, success, and authority.

What color tie can I wear with a black suit? ›

Classic Choices

Stick to the classics like reds, silvers, and blues. These hues effortlessly enhance the elegance of a black suit, adding a touch of sophistication.

What color ties to wear with a black suit? ›

Burgundy, forest green, turquoise, orange, and navy blue are excellent choices as they have a deeper tone and give a striking appearance while contrasting the black suit. You can also style red or purple color ties with a black suit, but keep your overall look simple to prevent appearing overly flamboyant.

Should every man have a black suit? ›

One popular misconception is that every man needs a black suit. While a black suit may seem like a versatile option, it's not as flexible as you may think. Black is often seen as more formal and may not look as good with a colored tie or dress shirt.

Can a black suit be worn as a tuxedo? ›

The Classic Black Suit

Even if you're moving away from the traditional black tuxedo, you can still approximate the look with a classic black suit. When combined with a white dress shirt, a black suit looks like a tuxedo at a glance, with only a closer inspection revealing that it's different.

Does black tie always mean tuxedo? ›

Does black-tie mean tuxedo? For the suit-wearing type, yes, a black-tie dress code necessitates a tuxedo. There's wiggle room if the dress code is black-tie preferred or optional but if it's a black-tie wedding, you're expected to wear a tuxedo.

Is it OK to wear a black suit to a wedding? ›

If you're worried about being disrespectful, don't sweat it in the 21st century. “Yes, it's absolutely okay to wear black to a wedding,” says wedding planner Matthew Oliver. “If you're not sure, most invitations will actually mention the dress code, but you can never go wrong with a classic black tux and a white shirt.

Should I wear black shoes with a black suit? ›

Black Suit

It is the ultimate choice for black tie events or formal business events. For a traditional appeal, the most obvious choice of shoes would be black oxfords. Further down the list, you can also pair a pair of black brogues, derby shoes, Chelsea boots or monk straps for a formal event that isn't a black tie.

What pants go best with black suit? ›

Black Separates

A black jacket with a pair of lighter trousers isn't a million miles away from an all-black suit but feels much less formal, especially if worn with an open-necked shirt and loafers or suede boots. “Stick to neutral-coloured trousers like blue, grey or navy,” says Doran.

Where not to wear a black suit? ›

The problem is: Nowadays there are almost no occasions for black suits except funerals. You don't wear a black suit in the evening, because this is what dinner suits are for. And you certainly do not wear black at work, unless you are an undertaker.

How do you stand out in a black suit? ›

The surest approach is to pair a black suit with shirts that are either achromatic—nearly colorless, in other words—or are colored in a very subtle hue. Go with your intuition here: Shirts in whites and pale shades often look best with black suits.

What color suit to wear with red tie? ›

The red is eye catching all on its own, so it's best to let it serve as your key focal point. When wearing a red tie, you really cannot go wrong with the black suit white shirt formula, of course. That said, a light grey, dark grey, and silver shirt are all surefire choices, too. A black shirt can look amazing as well.

What suit to wear with a red tie? ›

Black Suit: Best with classic tie colors like silver, black, or dark red. It's a traditional combination that speaks volumes in terms of elegance.

Can you wear red tie with black tuxedo? ›

Wearing a black suit with a red tie is a great way to add some personality to your outfit and make a stylish impression. The color combination is bold and eye-catching, and the red tie provides a nice contrast to the black suit.

What color shirt does a red tie go with? ›

A white shirt with a regular semi-spread collar is a reliable option, but a light blue shirt with other classic collar styles may work as well. A dark red grenadine tie (both a small or larger weave will do) is easier to work with than lighter tones of red.

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